Withdrawal Symptoms Cause of Continued Abuse

For anyone who has ever sat back and watched someone go through a drug or alcohol addiction, inevitably the question has come up of how can this person continue doing this? How can they continue to devastate their family and loved ones? How can they continue to destroy their future? And most of all how can they continue to kill themselves? Well, among other things, the threat of withdrawal symptoms is often so terrifying that the addict will do anything to avoid them.

Drugs like heroin, Oxycontin, methadone, and any other opiate cause the body to go through severe and painful withdrawal symptoms such as; insomnia, body aches, depression, cravings, flu-like symptoms, vomiting, and chills. The only immediate solution to these withdrawals is more of the drug or a drug alternative like Suboxone, which has its own set of withdrawal symptoms.

Other addictions like alcohol or Xanax withdrawal addictions have the same sort of withdrawal symptoms, only these carry the threat of seizures. So the addict is in a never-ending cycle of drug use, painful withdrawal symptoms, and then back to drug use. The only real way to handle this cycle is to enroll in a drug rehab that is going to safely detox the addict off the dangerous drugs.

One more option that some people have found success in, is medical detoxification facilities. However, this will only be effective if the person enrolls in medical detox and, upon completing the detox, gets transferred to a long-term, inpatient drug rehab.

There are many different types of rehabs out there. Some are long-term, some are short-term, some are private pay and some are state-funded. The key is finding what drug and alcohol rehab will best suit the individual and acting quickly. When it comes to addiction, the only wrong thing to do is nothing at all.