Free To Use Streaming Platforms For School Or Work

Free To Use Streaming Platforms For School Or Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has left us vulnerable and put us in a tight spot. Our education, the economy and work productivity has been severely affected negatively since the very first Movement Restricted Order (MCO). Now, with the second MCO commenced due to a spiking number of cases reaching as high as more than four thousand cases in a day, we are expected to comply with the stay-at-home policy.

However, students are among the most affected ones during the pandemic. Their education journey is at stake and makes it difficult to adapt to the new online learning environment which may or may not be effective enough for them. Unfortunately, it is the only method they must accept to make do of their studies.

Social distancing and face mask wearing are for the good of the community, minus the communication part which they must sacrifice. We are living in a technological era where devices and innovations are considered wealthy for our daily life ease. Live Streaming is the most used approach for both businesses and schools to catch up with the workload and syllabus respectively. It is a video hosting medium which allows users to broadcast their content to their audience.

Everyone has their own internet capacity, and despite the livestreaming system to cope with social distancing, the internet can cause lags and disrupt the broadcast. To solve the problem, you can get yourself Time fibre . Here are streaming platforms that are free to use for school/work to simplify your career and educated life:

Google Meet

Google Meet is Malaysia’s most familiarized live streaming app for presentations,
forums, classes, talks, events and many more. Students from schools or universities use
this to present their group work, attend classes according to their normal schedule, having discussions with groupmates, participating in university events, acting/reciting or roleplaying (for theatre students and third-language takers out there) and so on. Google Meet can take up to 100 people per livestream.


When we talk about Discord, we would think this is an app for gaming purposes only.
Well, it is time to change our perspective because Discord can also be used for work or
school! It is specialized as an invite only space for classes or private meetings. Discord also provides text channels and voice channels for more organization like lessons, homeworks, one-to-one or group discussions, even doing study groups so students can have a read up on their assignments together. As for Time fibre internet , it can act as office hours for attendance to ensure productivity. Discord can accommodate up to 50 people at a time for a real-time teaching and meeting environment.

The pandemic has not been kind to us, but we can be kind to each other. Together, we can flatten the curve in a safer way possible.