Alcoholism and Liver Problems in Men

When drinking alcohol, the liver, brain, and bloodstream suffer the most physical effects. The liver processes the alcohol one drinks, to remove it from the body in the healthiest way possible. Although, over-drinking takes the liver far more time to process, making it overworked and unhealthy over time. Therefore, it is often the case that alcoholics will suffer from many issues relating directly to the health of their liver.

What alcohol does to your liver

It is also often the case that a weak or sickened liver may be a wake-up call for an individual to see out alcohol rehabilitation. In some cases, unfortunately, it is too late to fix the damage that the alcohol has already caused to the liver. Although, it is never too late to change the direction of your life; living a more positive and healthy lifestyle without alcohol consumption.

There are several types of diseases that the liver can obtain through drinking alcohol on a regular basis. One of these liver-related diseases is called hepatitis. But what is hepatitis? Hepatitis is an inflammation of tissue and cells that exist within and surrounding the liver. The disease can occur from regular and long term (months) alcohol abuse. The symptoms are somewhat non-existent at first, except for a loss of appetite and/or weight.

Over time an individual with hepatitis may begin to suffer from flu-like symptoms, in addition to stomach and/or muscle aches. In severe cases of alcoholic hepatitis, there is a fifty percent chance of death due to liver failure. The sooner the problem is caught, the better the chance is that illness can be treated without major ongoing issues.

Another disease that may come about in alcoholic men, is cirrhosis of the liver. This is believed to be the second stage that develops after long-term alcohol abuse. Cirrhosis occurs when scar tissues begin to replace the tissue of the liver. This disallows the liver to properly discard toxins in the body, including alcohol.

As one of the most common reasons for death amongst men in the United States, cirrhosis of the liver is a disease to be taken quite seriously. On a positive note, researchers have stated that over sixty percent of those individuals that obtain cirrhosis of the liver will survive if they stop drinking alcohol immediately.

The best way in which to prevent liver disease is to not abuse alcohol. If you or someone you care for is consuming large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis, it is often best to consult with a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. There, professionals can assist you or your loved one in getting the treatment that is medically and emotionally required for a healthy recovery from alcoholism.