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Buying Jewellery to Suit the Personality of the Wearer

Women simply love jewelry. In fact, they find it irresistible and they often feel incomplete without wearing a piece of it. It adds to their personality, especially when appearing in social gatherings, though it frequently forms a part of their work looks too. It makes their day somewhat special.

No gift is as precious as a piece of beautiful jewelry on Nikola Valenti Reviews. Nonetheless, no jewelry item is suitable to be worn by almost everyone. Since each woman has its own personality, the difference in taste varies widely. When getting something, not to her liking, any woman would start wondering if you really know her well enough. Of course, the thought matters the most. She will welcome jewelry as a gift, but if you fail to judge her taste, she’ll wear that piece only to keep you in good humor and in worst cases it’ll get dumped in her drawer for good, leaving her wondering what prompted you to procure it for her.

Fortunately, there are ways to save you from such an embarrassment. You need to learn how to distinguish between different types of ‘jewelry’ personalities. Here’s your guide in that direction and effort:

Primarily, there are six kinds of jewelry personalities:

  1. The trendsetter: This personality is an extrovert. Without exerting any effort, she remains stylish, forthright, and confident. Clearly, they are attention grabbers and love that style of jewelry which gets noticed easily. She knows to carry it in such a manner that others are immediately prompted to copy her looks. Old fashioned or even the current styles are not for such personalities. Your best bet is to have a close look at her to notice that element of exclusiveness in what she is wearing. Consider yourself lucky if you can find some piece with unique style at one of the stores selling the latest styles.
  2. The fashionista: This kind of personality may be a bit lagging behind the trendsetter, but it is certainly confident and well-informed on the current trends. She patronizes designer stuff. Her wardrobe is often flooded with out-of-fashion jewelry and clothes from the last season, though some may be donating such old stuff regularly to make room for the latest pieces in their wardrobe. Buying jewelry for such women is not all that difficult. You just need to be aware of the current trends. With so many fashion magazines around, it shouldn’t be difficult to know that, else watch what most women are wearing these days.
  3. The chameleon: She is not so easily spotted as the fashionista. She is smart and decides which of the ongoing trends would suit her the most. A characteristic feature of such women is that they like a variety of designs and they know well how to mix and match them depending on her mood or occasion. She doesn’t discard things easily, as she is talented enough to realize which item would go exceedingly well with her other dresses to give her altogether different looks. That makes things rather easy for you. Just think of an appropriate occasion when she could use it or match it with some of her other possessions. For example, consider something colorful for summers, plain and convenient for the day, and glamorous for nights.